Dear BTWBA Member and Future member:

The Booker T. Washington Business Association (BTWBA) encourages its members to support one another by doing business with other members of the association.

BTWBA Founder Dr. William H. Peck made the following remarks to the African American community at-large in the early 1930’s:

“Think! Think! Think! Before you give your business to any place, before you purchase what you’re going to eat today, or before you purchase any other thing you need today. Can’t you see the need of keeping as much as possible, your little money in the hands of your own race?  It is not a case of advocating segregation, or of encouraging race prejudice, it is a case of advocating self respect and thinking as much of ourselves as other races think of themselves.”

“These men and women (of Booker T. Washington Trade Association) deserve a fair share of our patronage because they live among you and support your churches and social agencies.  These institutions must be supported and maintained by the people of the less favored districts.  These Institutions and agencies cannot grow and serve their communities as they should until the people have the opportunity to earn a livelihood, support the professional and business men and women of your district and increase the opportunities for the boys and girls of tomorrow.”

In the spirit of our founder and President Emeritus Dr. William H. Peck, the BTWBA Board of Directors ask that you use your BTWBA Membership Directory as a resource guide to identify companies and individuals that you can do business with.

Our membership is our most important asset and the Board of Directors thank you for your support and commitment to help improve the economic vitality of African American businesses and entrepreneurs in our community.

Moving African American Businesses Forward,

W.R. Ross, President



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